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"She has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest v*gina" Peace, Maria and Nini gossip about Angel in the executive lounge (video)


Big Brother Naija housemates, Maria, Nini, and Peace, found their way into the executive lounge and they spent their time there gossiping about other housemates.

They started with gossiping about the male housemates before they moved to the female housemates, specifically Angel.

Peace said during the conversation that she doesn't like the way Angel treats housemate Sammie. She added that Angel always makes Sammie spend his "Abeg Naira" on her, which is the currency the housemates use in the house.

"What she's doing to Sammie is really f***ed. I swear to God, it's really f***ed."

The ladies then moved on to talk about Angel's lady parts, saying: "She has the worst, dirtiest, nastiest vagina."

The conversation is now trending on Twitter with some taking sides with Angel and others taking sides with the other ladies.



Watch the video below.

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